Zzze Hug Bed

Price: Ksh 11,000

Monthly Installments: Ksh 724 x 24 Months 


Who doesn’t like those warm, fuzzy & tight hugs? Zzze hug bed is built to hug you & your mattress, providing the best support & stability while at it. Its chunky legs & smart joints make it strong and super durable, so don’t be afraid to bring a little energy & fun to your bed. How about that easy-to-tuck bed base? You definitely won’t need your tucking mwiko anymore.

Finally, wouldn’t it be a relief to be able to put your bed together by yourself? With Zzze Hug bed, now you can!


  • Looks crazy good
    • Hugs the mattress [Or you] with its headboard and has a wave at the feet for extra stability. It is designed to make you feel safe and secure
    • Has an easy-to-tuck bed base: the mattress sits on top of the base so that you can access and tuck the sheets in without breaking your nails.
    • The bed slats can be rolled which makes taking the bed apart/ packing the bed as easy as eating ugali
  • Built really well
    • Zzze Hug bed has chunky legs and smart joints that makes it them super durable. Feel free to jump on the slats and on the joints for as long you want and the frame won’t squeak or break.
    • Easy to assemble – Two people can assemble the bed in less than 10 minutes and have no problems with the stability of the bed.

Available colors:

  • Kahawa Brown
  • Stone Gray
  • Charcoal Black
  • Pearl White


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