Mr Biggie 2-Seater

Price: Ksh 13,499

Monthly Installments: Ksh 889 x 24 Months 


Mr Biggie sofa has the two things you most care about: modern design that’s built to last.

There is room for more with the Mr Biggie 2-seater. It’s big, spacious and curvy. It’s here to save you from constant repairs you worry about.

You can add it to the 3/1-seater as your home gets bigger to complete your sofa set and years later, it will be there.


Looks crazy good

  • A curvy sofa on all its edges and corners for that sexy vibe you like.
  • It’s sturdy, to give your room a mighty look.

Built really well

  • An extra 20cm per seat (10cm in depth; 10cm in width), compared to a standard 3-seater sofa, hence 60cm of more space. It allows more than 3 loungers and at utmost comfort too!
  • Firm seats made of foam (same as in MoKo mattress) that won’t sink over time, and stapled fabric so it won’t come off easy. It’s here for a good and a long time.
  • Very stable, with joints glued and screwed and will survive your worst nightmares; moving or jumpy kids? Mr Biggie can take it all without a twitch.


  • Width – 850 mm (0.8M)
  • Height – 820 mm (0.8M)
  • Length – 1856 mm (1.8M)


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